Ferguson, Missouri, USA is a town in St. Louis county, Missouri. It’s part of the greater St. Louis metropolitan region. The population has been estimated at twenty-four thousand in the 2020 census. The suburb is known for its rich cultural heritage and has been home to several notable African Americans and a long history of civil rights activism. Learn more here.


The area’s history can be traced back to the colonial days. In fact, the town is named after the original Dutch community of St. Augustine. In the nineteenth century, a new development was planned that would span from Belle Plaine across the river to Ferguson, just north of Clayton and Jefferson counties. There would be housing and business complexes along this new development, which would become what would become Ferguson. This was the start of what would become an amazing revitalization of the community. As time went on, people flocked to Ferguson to enjoy the new developments and the benefits that came with it. See here for information about Information About Frontenac, MO, USA.



Today’s economy has given a great boost to the Ferguson area. The residents are proud of their roots and are proud of their heritage. They are also very active in their communities and work hard to make a difference in their neighborhoods and in the world. These residents have been able to build strong communities and schools that offer quality education for children. Many of these homes are in the upper and middle-income categories. The residents have access to quality health care and employment opportunities. These are just some of the reasons that are so important to these residents and why they choose to live in Ferguson, Missouri, USA.

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