St John, Missouri is an international airport in the southern part of St Louis County, Missouri, USA, with the commercial sector centered around St Charles Rock Road. It is some six miles south of Lambert-St Louis International Airport. As the gateway to the surrounding region, it is one of the most important cities in the state. It has a population of about 40,000 and has an important economic role. With its location, it offers a very cosmopolitan and diversified local culture that attracts millions of visitors each year. The town is home to a number of restaurants, art galleries, shopping malls, and an assortment of entertainment venues. It also boasts of a number of cultural institutions and activities for visitors. Further facts about  St Louis, MO  can be found here.


St John, Missouri is home to various cultural institutions and plays host to many events that draw people from all over the world. It also happens to be a big tourist destination. A number of international festivals take place here. Some of these include the Missouri Arts Festival, the St Louis Jazz and Blues Festival, the St Louis International Jazz Festival, the St Louis Jazz and Blues Festival and the St John’s Riverfront Jazz Festival. There are also cultural and sporting events that take place in this city. In fact, a number of national and international tourists travel to this place to get a glimpse of what the St John’s is all about. Information about Town and Country, Missouri, USA, is Known As One of America’s Finest Towns can be found here.



St John, Missouri is also the city with the highest level of educational attainment. The city is home to the University of Missouri in Columbia, the largest university in the United States. There are a number of private colleges and universities situated in the vicinity. These include colleges located in Columbia, Missouri. Apart from these, there are also a number of educational institutions and high schools located in the metropolitan area. There is no dearth of jobs available in St John and the number of employment opportunities is quite significant.

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