Berkeley, Mo., located in the central-ring suburbs of St. Louis, is a very popular inner-ring suburban community of St. Clair County, Missouri. The city’s population peaked at 8,913 at the 2020 Census. The population has been steadily decreasing since the last census in 2020. Portions of Lambert-St. Charles International Airport is also within the boundaries of the community. Information can be found here.

Portions of the population in this community are very affluent. In fact, many of them can be seen at country clubs or private residences that have private pools and are surrounded by manicured lawns. Many people in the surrounding suburbs are very proud of their lawns. One of the reasons that people are choosing to live in Berkeley, Mo., as opposed to staying in the major cities around the world is because of its peaceful environment and friendly people. Many people who are living in Berkeley, Mo., have children. A high percentage of these people work full-time jobs and take care of their families. See here for information about What Makes Ballwin So Popular.


Some of the children are still attending school, while others are working to help pay for college. A large percentage of the population in Berkeley, Mo., is the middle class. People who work in the larger cities of St. Clair County often have a comfortable lifestyle. In addition, many people who live in the smaller towns within the inner-ring suburbs of St. Clair County are well off financially.

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