Riverside is a small residential suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. Riverside is part of Kansas City’s Platte County and is situated in the southwest corner of Platte County. The current population was approximately 2,813 in the 2020 census. Although it is fairly close to Kansas City, this suburb of Kansas City is still a relatively new community. The suburbs are comprised primarily of single-family residences, as opposed to condominiums, townhouses, or apartments, which can be found elsewhere in the Kansas City metro. Kansas City, MO  information can be seen at this link.


The town of Riverside itself has a very unique feel. There are some distinctive features that set this suburb apart from the rest of the Kansas City suburbs. One of these features is the “Shoemaker”, which is an art gallery located on the northeast corner of Riverside and Oak streets. The Shoemaker was created in 1996 and showcases many different pieces of contemporary artwork. Another unique feature of this area of Kansas City is the “Tiffany Park,” which is located in the southwest corner of the suburb and serves as a park. There is also a large parking lot that was built there, which makes it very convenient for residents to access the downtown area of Kansas City. Learn more about Traveling in Roeland Park.



Many residents of Riverside, MO find that the suburb is very convenient and easy to commute to the downtown area of Kansas City. There are two major highways that connect Riverside to downtown Kansas City. The north-south highway runs through Kansas City, Kansas along I-435. The east-west interstate highway, I-44, passes through the suburb. The west-east freeway is a toll road that has two lanes in each direction. The downtown area of Kansas City is approximately forty miles from the suburbs. The commute from the suburbs to the downtown area is generally very fast, due to the suburbs being situated near the city center.

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