Weldon Spring, MO is a small town located in St. Louis County, Missouri. The population of Weldon Spring is approximately 5,000 in the 2020 census. The Weldon Memorial Highway, which runs from Springfield to Weldon, is a popular road, as it runs through the middle of the town. The Weldon Memorial Stadium is another popular place for concerts and other events. The Weldon Memorial Hospital is an important medical facility in Weldon. The Weldon Memorial Park, which is owned by the Weldon Memorial School District, provides a number of recreational activities and facilities. See more here.

There are three schools in Weldon, one in Rockford, one in Jefferson City, and one in Jefferson City. There are also a few smaller community colleges and vocational schools within Weldon. The Weldon Park Conservatory is the largest park in the area. The Weldon Park Zoo, which is operated by the Department of Conservation, is an interesting attraction that is not available to the public in the St. Louis area. Read about St Louis Neighborhoods – Webster Groves here.

Weldon is a small town, so it is not difficult to find restaurants, stores, and places to see if you are visiting the town for the first time. You will definitely want to take time to shop and experience the town. If you enjoy shopping and eating, Weldon, MO may be your perfect place to go.

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