Overland, MO is a small town in St. Louis County Missouri, United States located in the eastern part of the city of St. Louis. The population peaked at 18,639 in the 2020 census, making Overland a town that is rich with history and tradition. There are many historical sites that have been located on this part of town, one of which is the former St. Mary’s Mission, a historic site that once served as a Catholic Church. The church was destroyed by the Civil War in 1864. St Charles, MO  can be seen here.

The Overland Museum is another historical site located in Overland, MO. It was designed by architect George Fitch, who is responsible for many of the buildings that you see around town, including the St. Francis Home and the St. Bernard Church. The Overland Museum is also one of the oldest museums in the State of Missouri and has a lot of interesting artifacts from the past. There are many beautiful gardens that are located near the museum and are filled with flowers and trees. Other types of gardens are located outside of the Overland Museum. The gardens have many different types of trees and plants that will help bring the outdoors inside. Information about Overland- The Gateway To The Midwest can be found here. 

Overland is also a great place to be while shopping because there are many different types of shops that are located in the area. The Riverfront Mall is one of the most popular malls and contains several different stores. The Riverfront Mall also contains a casino, which is open to the public all the time. Another mall that is located in Overland, MO is the St. Charles Mall. These two malls are both very popular with people from all over the area.

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