Whether you need a second set of keys for your family member, lost your personal set, or simply need a spare, copying car keys has never been easier than with Rocket Locksmith. Our technicians are able to copy car keys on site with our mobile locksmith services. Simply give us a call at 314-899-2469 and we will come to you to help with any locksmith needs you have.

If you are interested, let us fill you in on how we copy car keys to help you get back on the road in no time.

How to Copy Car Keys

At Rocket Locksmith, our technicians use a variety of locksmith tools to help you keep your home, car, or office building secure. If you need a car key copied, we can cut you a new key or duplicate an existing key. Cutting a new key is more tedious and time consuming, while duplication can be completed relatively quickly and is inexpensive.

In addition to key cutting and duplication, we also have the ability to replace the electronic fob key that grants you remote access to your car. If your fob stopped working, odds are a simple battery replacement will do the job. However, if you lost it, you will need a complete replacement. Luckily, with a vehicle identification number and some other information, we can easily replace your electronic fob key.

House Key Copy and Replacement

Residential house keys are much easier to cut or duplicate than car keys. This is because car keys require the ability to unlock both the car door and the ignition. House keys simply need to unlock a door lock. With Rocket Locksmith, you can get a duplicate of new house key cut in no time.

Of course, we can also help with commercial building as well, including the master key system. No matter the locksmith service you need, we are here to help St Louis residents stay safe and secure.

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Whether you are in need of a residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith in St Louis, rocket Locksmith is here to help. Contact us today by calling us at 314-899-2469 and we will send a technician to assist you as soon as possible.