Are you planning on replacing a commercial door lock and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Does the instruction booklet included with new lock look like it was written in a foreign language? We understand the frustration and want to help. The professionals at Rocket Locksmith have compiled a list of helpful, step-by-step instructions for changing out a commercial door lock.

Step by Step Guide to Installing a Commercial Door Lock

  • Open box and lay out new lockset on a flat surface in the order you unassemble it (they usually come assembled)
  • Uninstall the old latch
  • Remove old and replace it with the new latchbolt
  • Install the new cylindrical housing where you removed the old one, inside the hole in the door
  • Put the outer rose insert over the support plate
  • Put the inner support plate over the lever sleeve. Screw into place
  • Fasten the inner rose insert to the inside support plate. Use two of the shorter screws for this step
  • Slide the inner lever over the lever sleeve. Click this into place
  • Install the outer lever with the key cylinder over the sleeve lever. Click this into place

With this easy how-to guide, changing your commercial door lock just got much less complicated. At Rocket Locksmith, we are dedicated to our St. Louis community and fostering a professional and friendly relationship with our customers. Call our knowledgeable staff at 314-899-2469 with any questions.

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