Freezing temperatures and precipitation can lead to frustrating mornings for commuters. Not only are roads slick and dangerous, but in some instances, your car doors and locks can freeze, making it difficult to get into a frozen car. While tedious, there are some easy ways to get into your car and on the road in no time.

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Defrosting Car Doors

If you have tried pushing on your door to break the ice, but it still won’t open, there are a few tricks you can try.

First, carefully chip away the ice built up on the door handle. Next, pour lukewarm water (never use hot water) along the seal of the door. Avoid pouring water on the window as the temperature change could cause the glass to shatter or crack.

Finally, use de-icer on any remaining froze parts. You can find de-icer at any auto shop or hardware store and is handy to have in case your car door freezes.

Defrosting Car Locks

If you have tried to defrost the door of your car, and you still can’t get into your frozen car, it’s likely the lock itself is frozen. Spray the de-icer directly into the lock. If this doesn’t work, try the lukewarm water trick on the door lock. You can also try using a hairdryer if you have an outlet close enough to your car.

If you have tried everything to get into your frozen car to no avail, reach out to us at Rocket Locksmith and we will send a mobile technician to help you as soon as possible.

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