One of the most frustrating inconveniences is going to start your car to go to work only to have your car key break in the ignition. Even if you’re not in a hurry, the inconvenience alone can be enough to throw off your entire day.

While there are proven methods of removing a broken car key from the ignition of your vehicle, if you are in a hurry, calling a local locksmith is your best option.

DIY Car Key Removal

If your car key has broken in the ignition, there are a few do-it-yourself options available. The easiest method is to use needle nose pliers to reach the broken end of the key lodged in your ignition. This is relatively easy, however, if you can’t get the broken end out of the ignition, odds are you will need a professional to remove the broken car key.

Profession Key Removal

When you have tried to remove the key on your own, but can’t get a firm hold of the broken piece in your ignition, contact a local locksmith for professional assistance.

At Rocket Locksmith, our trained locksmith technicians have the tools and resources to help you remove a broken key from your cars ignition. Of course, our locksmith services extend further than simply automotive, so if you need commercial or residential locksmith services, we can gladly help with these needs as well.

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