If your car won’t start, it’s likely due to a problem with your ignition switch. This means that either the key is worn, or there is an issue with the electrical current that flows from the ignition to the rest of the vehicle. If your car starts and then stalls, this can also be due to a faulty ignition. A bad switch can cut the power to your fuel systems and cause a sudden stall.

Ignition problems can be stressful. They can jeopardize your safety, and they can put the rest of the day on hold. It’s important that you are helped quickly so that you can get where you need to without worry. The professionals at Rocket Locksmith will promptly arrive to diagnose and fix your ignition. Unlike other locksmiths, we are a local team that provides quality work with the best technology. Call 314-328-4778, and our dispatchers will send the nearest locksmith to your location.

When to Replace Your Ignition Switch

If your car has trouble starting or doesn’t start at all, you likely need an ignition replacement. If your car cranks but doesn’t start, this can mean your wiring is worn. If your car doesn’t crank at all, this is likely because of a broken ignition spark. One of the best ways to find out if your ignition switch needs replacing is to turn the key to the acc position. With working ignitions, the display lights and center console should power on. If the ignition switch is worn from use, or if you have to jostle the key to power on the accessories, a mobile locksmith can help.

Sometimes a part replacement will get your car starting again. Other times, a full ignition replacement is necessary. Whatever the case, calling Rocket Locksmith is a fast and easy way to diagnose your problem. Our experts come to you, so you won’t have to pay for towing or for an expensive mechanic.

Advantages to Calling a Locksmith

A car not starting can put your schedule on hold, and it’s important to diagnose and repair any ignition problems as quick as possible. Our locksmiths come to you, so there’s no need to tow your vehicle to a mechanic or sit in a waiting room until a mechanic solves the problem. The experts at Rocket Locksmith will fix your ignition quickly and for a fair price. Calling a locksmith can save you money in the long run, especially if you are inexperienced with mechanical or electrical work. Trying to replace an ignition yourself can lead to additional damage.

Call Rocket Locksmith for a Quick Response

Save time and money by calling your local professionals. At Rocket Locksmith, we pride ourselves in arriving quickly and solving lock and ignition problems so you can be on your way. Call us at 314.889.2469, or visit our website