Country Life Acres, Missouri, is an entirely residential community located in St. Louis county, Missouri. The population in the area is estimated to be around seventy-four thousand at the 2010 Census. There are also numerous vacation rentals and condo units that can be found in the area. Country Life Acres has a lot of different amenities for people of all ages including shopping, restaurants, recreation centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, health clubs, and even a campground that are located right on the river. People of all ages love the lifestyle of living in Country Life Acres and enjoy swimming, eating out at their local restaurants, playing tennis or golfing at one of their golf courses. Visit this link for more information.


There are many benefits of being a resident of Country Life Acres, and many people choose to live there because of these benefits. Being a resident of this area allows residents the freedom to be active throughout the year. Since the majority of the population is very active during the spring and summer months, it is possible to find many local sporting events occurring throughout the year including baseball and softball. Residents also have the chance to participate in numerous other outdoor activities during this time, which is also a great benefit. Learn more about The Best Camping Spots in the Country – Creve Coeur, Missouri.



There is also a wide variety of housing available in Country Life Acres, and the people who choose to live there have the opportunity to be able to live a comfortable, quiet lifestyle with plenty of opportunities to be outdoors. For families with children, a home in Country Life can provide them with the security they need while still allowing them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. There is a large number of schools within the area and the schools also offer some very popular summer camps that allow kids to participate in activities like camping and fishing. The schools also offer a wide variety of athletic programs for kids of all ages that allows them to participate in recreational activities as well as getting involved in sports. Many residents also have the opportunity to attend the University of Missouri, St. Louis, which provides a number of highly respected academic programs for people who want to pursue a career in the medical field.

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