Virtual gaming is a favorite for many people within St Louis. If you are visiting the city and need to find a place to spend your time, virtual gaming might be a good option. Virtual gaming lounges give you an opportunity to interact with new people and learn about new games while improving your skills as well. Here are some virtual gaming centers you might visit while in St Louis. Look here for more about St. Louis, MO.

Victory Raceway St Louis

The Victory Raceway gaming center is located a few minutes from downtown St Louis and sits on a 56,000-foot facility. The center provides a variety of virtual games for both individual players and teams. The most popular games at Victory Raceway are racing games. Click here to read about Amazing Day-time Outdoor Activities in St Louis.


The facility sits on 6,000 square feet of modernized space. At the facility, you will enjoy a wide range of virtual reality games ranging from action to puzzles. The facility also allows for beginners to learn new games at their own pace in an undisturbed space.

Escape Challenge St Louis

This center is one of the most popular virtual reality centers in St Louis. The main game at the Escape challenge is about finding hidden objects in a room and finding your way out. The games are ideal for persons above twelve years.