When a person works in an office or commercial building, they expect to be safe. The purpose of keyless entry is to keep unauthorized people out. Exits remain locked at all times except for those who know the code or have a key card. Keyless locks give managers more control over who leaves and enters their building. These high security locks can be programmed to allow only those with a key card access to the building during working hours. Also, managers can program keyless locks to let specific employees access certain parts of the building.

High security locks increase security, and keyless entry gives managers more control over their locks. There are a variety of high security options, and we recommend consulting with a Rocket Locksmith technician so you know which option is best for you. Our experts have years of experience and are certified to install and repair high security systems.

Before you call a 1-800 number that will send an unfamiliar locksmith from a list directory, consider calling Rocket Locksmith
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Benefits of Using Keyless Locks on Your Home

High security keyless locks are not only for commercial buildings. Many homeowners are switching to keyless locks because of their added convenience and security. Traditional locks are subject to being picked or broken, and their security completely depends on the upkeep of a small key. If this key is lost or stolen, the security of your home may be compromised. Also, each family member or roommate requires a key in order to unlock doors or lock them on their way out.

Keyless locks are opened with a pin number or card that can easily fit in a purse or wallet. They cannot be picked, and they don’t wear over time. Any child, roommate, or renter with the pin number can enter the home, and the doors lock each time they close. Increase the security of your home by switching to keyless locks.

Why Businesses Should Go Keyless

Since the security of your commercial property is a top priority, you should have the best locks. Keyless locks are an easy way to ensure that all employees have access to the building during company hours. Managers don’t have to worry about locking up at the end of the day because keyless doors always remain locked. Keyless locks provide peace of mind because you know who can enter and leave the building, and you can customize each system to only allow access to certain areas.

Go Keyless Today!

Office buildings contain expensive equipment and important information, and maintaining high security is vital for a business. The experts at Rocket Locksmith will consult you on how to improve security, and they will do all the installation and repairs. For a personal consultation, or to schedule an appointment, call 314.899.2469 or visit our website.