When considering which locks to use in a commercial building, safety comes first. Safety standards for commercial buildings can be strict, and panic bars are a common OSHA requirement. Panic bars can improve safety and lower insurance costs, saving you money in the long run. Panic bars allow employees or customers to open the door from the inside without a key. In emergency situations, proper exit flow from a building is crucial. Panic bars allow for a swift exit after an alarm sounds, and at Rocket Locksmith, we will install them for a fair price.

Panic bars come in a variety of models to meet your safety needs. They can come equipped with a security system so an alarm sounds if opened. There are even vertical-type exit devices to ensure that no matter the situation, your safety isn’t compromised. There are many benefits to investing in panic bars, and the professionals at Rocket Locksmith offer many safety-improving services.

Benefits of Panic Bars

Although safety is the primary feature of panic bars, they are also affordable and effective. They are an efficient way to prevent unauthorized access while granting an easy exit for everyone inside. During an emergency, keeping the exits marked and easily accessible can prevent traffic jams. A person running for an exit shouldn’t have to fumble with a doorknob or handle. Panic bars reduce exit speed and promote traffic flow.

The family-owned team at Rocket Locksmith values your security, and if you want to improve the security of your commercial property or need to meet OSHA standards, we are here to help. Our premier locksmith services are affordable and high-quality. We are locally based, and we value long-term relationships with customers. For emergency locksmith services or to improve the security of your commercial site, check out our website
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Save Money with Rocket Locksmith

Panic bars are an investment that will save you money. Just as safety installations in vehicles will lower car insurance premiums, panic bars can reduce insurance prices. Next time you need a lock repaired or replaced, ask a Rocket Locksmith professional for a security evaluation. There are many things you can do to decrease insurance premiums and increase safety. Panic bars, smoke alarms, child safe windows, fire extinguishers, and other features will improve the safety of anybody inside your building. Rocket Locksmith will resolve your security needs! Call 314.899.2469 for a consultation or to schedule an installation.

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