There are many types of keypad door locks in Saint Charles, Missouri. When choosing your locksmith, they will know how to help you select the right lock for your door and will also be able to tell if it is the best choice for your home. The keypad lock is a lock that does not have a keypad at the bottom of the door like most of the other types of locks on the market. The key to the door will be provided by the homeowner. In this day and age when so many people are trying to avoid security, the keyless lock is a great way to provide the security needed without having to give away a key to the door. Information can be found here.


One of the most common types of keypad door locks in Saint Charles, Missouri is the deadbolt lock. This type of lock is designed to give you the protection you need. The deadbolt lock is designed to open and close the doors of your home with a key and there is no keypad on the door itself. This makes it the best choice for homes with older people who may not want to risk giving out a key or children who may not know the combination to the lock. The deadbolt lock also has the advantage of being easy to install. Most of these types of locks are designed to work with standard-sized windows as well. See here for information about Which Type of St. Charles, Missouri Keypad Door Lock to Buy.



The second type of keypad door lock in Saint Charles, Missouri is the biometric door lock. These are also called fingerprint locks. They can only be used on doors with fingerprint scanners or glass panels that have a fingerprint scanner built-in. They can also work with standard-sized windows and require a key. These are good locks for those looking for the best protection and they are also good for those who do not have access to a fingerprint scanner to use to open their door.

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