Just like any other part of your house, apartment, condo or even place of business, you need to maintain upkeep on the place’s aesthetic and security. You don’t want to leave for vacation only to come back to your place of residence to find out everything of value you own has been stolen from a place you are supposed to feel completely at ease. It can be a nerve wracking thing to realize your home isn’t as secure as it should be, which is why constantly checking on the quality of your locks is important.

Although, when people think of door locks most go toward the standard handle and bolt you install a key in, but there are so many different kinds of security systems you can use to ensure you, your family, and your business’s safety is at its best. Rocket Locksmith is proud to provide the people of Missouri and Weston, Florida, with one of the best treatments a locksmith can possibly muster. Contact us now to learn about our decades of experience or if you want to come to your home to examine your locks to see what can be done to make them better.

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Types of Door Locks

Before you can start looking for durable locks for your doors, you first need to know what kind of door you have. With such a wide variety of styles out there it’s important you pick something not only suitable for the look of your home but to ensure the security you put in place is guaranteed to work. For instance, there are the classic hollow doors, battened and ledged apertures, framed and paneled doors, glass windows, steel enforced entrances, wire gauged doorways, aluminum glazed pathways, and even sliding doors. Thankfully, most of these styles are either fortified already or have the potential to be reinforced. However, people don’t realize you can have some strong sliding door locks.

Sliding Door Lock

Originally, people were skeptical of the security of having a sliding door, primarily because the materials to make them were inefficient in keeping people out intruders; and this doesn’t just include human beings. However, newer models of sliding doors are made from highly-durable glass, are on a steel sliding track for easy movement and are bordered with either wood or steel to ensure the door won’t bend.

Despite all of this, the door won’t help with security if you don’t have the right locks installed. You can try the old-school method of putting a piece of wood on the track to prevent it from moving or you can use the classic latch to slide over a piece holding the door in one place. But, these are outdated and can be easily overpowered, which is why newer locks requiring some kind of key would help. Although, the best kind of locks for you to use would be a keyless or smart lock.

Keyless Door Lock

With the advancement in technology constantly evolving it was bound for it to reach the world of locks for doors. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your home, car or even your commercial shop, smart locks can be used or are already in use. You don’t have to carry around a key with you anymore and can just use a password or signal, which allows for an extra layer of security. Rocket Locksmith is proud to provide people with a variety of options when it comes to keyless seals, sliding door locks and even smart locks.

Additionally, smart locks can come with various extra features locks needing keys don’t have. For instance, they are incredibly more durable, can schedule a time for when they can be used and can’t be accessed. You can even set a hierarchy level if you own a business with several layers of information pertinent to specific departments. Therefore, interns can’t access the same room or even floor where the executives are. Plus, you don’t need to rekey the lock constantly and can keep up with the fashion of the time.

How to Install Door Lock?

Knowing there are so many different options out there to help maximize on the security of your home may motivate you to start the process of implementing these locks. However, you should consult with a professional locksmith to ensure you make the right decision and don’t choose something actually ineffective with your lifestyle. Rocket Locksmith is your friendly neighborhood locksmith for those living in Missouri and Weston, Florida. We will arrive at your exact location for a simple dispatch fee of 19 dollars to examine what would be the best fit for you, your family, or even place of work.

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today for Door Lock Installation!

It’s understandable to be wary about who to call when installing your new locks because this is such a personal and vulnerable situation to be in. However, you don’t have to worry about Rocket Locksmith trying to grab as much money from you as possible or treating you poorly. We have hundreds of testimonials discussing our professionalism and desire to provide you with the most affordable options.

You will actually be able to spend anywhere from 39 dollars to 150 dollars on your home and between 65 and 299 dollars for your business. Altogether, you will be offered a security system fortifying your property, staying in control of who is entering and leaving, and even the unnecessary costs of constantly rekeying your doors because of potentially high turnover. Contact us now for more information on this service or if you want to start working as soon as possible.