Losing or breaking a key can ruin your day. It can leave you feeling unsafe and unable to do anything else until your key is replaced or fixed. Replacements can be expensive, and customers without a spare car key can be stuck without a ride. Rocket Locksmith provides St. Louis residents with the perfect lock and key solutions. Our expert team is on call at all times and will restore security to your car, home or office. We arrive promptly and will repair or replace any key or lock for a great price.

Most people know that locksmiths repair and replace locks. At Rocket Locksmith, we also cut and program keys, repair ignitions, install keyless locks, and perform security consultation. We exceed customer expectations by offering all these services 24 hours a day at any place. Our mobile technicians can arrive anywhere. If you’re experiencing a problem with your lock or keys, call 314.899.2469 or fill out our online contact form.

Take the Stress out of Replacing Keys

When you need a replacement key, Rocket Locksmiths will come to you. Our local St. Louis team is equipped to handle any lock and key problem for offices, cars and homes. Although key cutting is a typical locksmith service, we go above and beyond by copying, repairing and replacing car keys at any location. Our mobile services come equipped to laser cut house keys and program electric keys. Taking your keys to a dealership can be inconvenient and expensive. If your car keys stop working, call our hotline and a technician will be there soon.

When to Replace Your Locks and Keys

Knowing when to replace your keys is easy when they are lost or broken. Sometimes the need is immediate. But what about when you move into a home or office? Contractors are often careless with handing out spare keys, and most renters don’t know who rented the house before them, or how many spare keys the previous renters had made.

Rekeying the locks on the door is an affordable way to increase security. Rocket Locksmiths will change out the tumbler without having to replace the entire lock. Sometimes homeowners are too quick to change locks, and they end up choosing hardware that is cheaper than the original. They decrease the security of their home by purchasing low-quality locks instead of replacing the key tumbler on the existing lock. Rekeying a lock is an easy and affordable way to increase the security of your home or office.

Time and weather can wear down keys. Replacing a key before it breaks is an easy process. Removing a broken key from a lock is far more difficult. Customers who want to save money and hassle will replace their key before it gets too worn down. Rocket Locksmiths expert technicians are available 24/7 to replace, repair and restore locks and keys.

Contact Rocket Locksmith in St. Louis

If you have a problem with your locks or key, give us a call today. Simply call 314.899.2469, give us your location and we’ll come to you!