St. Charles offers visitors an excellent opportunity to choose fun things to do and see that make their day more memorable. Those who need more outdoor activities to do far away from the busy city center have a lot to do in the following ways. Clicking here will deliver more on St Charles, MO.

Bicycling in Katy State Park

The major biking draw in the town is in Katy Trail state park and stretches more than 220 miles off the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The park offers bikers amaze of trails to enjoy what they do best with other sections paved while others are unpaved. Visitors are free to ride with their pets at the park as well. If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry, since there are several spots renting bikes to visitors near the park. Information about St. Charles, MO Is A Spots Powerhouse can be found here. 

Hiking and Camping

Nature parks downtown and those along the river banks offer visitors endless trails to hike and walk under the sun as much as they wish. Those who want to camp also are free to do so with specific fields having safe spots to camp with friends or just alone. Walking and jogging in the parks is, of course, a free thing to do.

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