As a landowner or someone who owns a business the most important thing you want to do is ensure your property is completely secured. Many people believe having a key with the words “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy” will fortify their security system because it deters people from making a spare. However, this belief it will actually do something to protect your belongings is nothing more than a myth propagated by people who don’t know any better.

If your tenant, manager, or even disgruntled employee decides to bring the key into a locksmith or a home improvement store, they will be able to get a spare. However, you need to make sure you choose the right locksmith because some of these keys may be specially tailored to a specific lock, which is why the key maker should have state-of-the-art equipment. Rocket Locksmith can ensure you we will make you a spare key rivaling the original, as well as help fortify your locking system if this is something you desire. Contact us now if you have any questions about what we can do for you or if you want to receive a high-quality spare key.

What is a Do Not Duplicate Key?

Do Not Duplicate Keys are primarily made to give a sense of security to the possessor. They are usually reserved for people who are moving into a new home or are working in an important store. However, most of these kinds of keys still follow the standard guideline of making keys, which means it has five prongs to unlock the door. There is absolutely nothing special about these kinds of keys, which is why they do nothing but give an illusion they are safer to have.

Is it Legal to Copy a Do Not Copy Key?

Now, many people usually think the writing on the key saying “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy” is some form of a legal standard. But, this is just a myth. While some locksmiths may be a little wary about making you a spare, they will still do the job because you are paying them for their service. There is no legal regulation preventing you from making a spare of this kind of key, which is why these kinds of keys aren’t as safe as people think. Thankfully, there are businesses in the local region capable of providing you some of the best spare keys you will ever acquire.

Where to get Keys Cut Near Me?

Living in St Louis, St. Charles, or Kansas City, Missouri, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather situations. It doesn’t matter if the key says “Do Not Copy” or “Do Not Duplicate”, you should always have a spare in case you misplace it or have it stolen, which is why Rocket Locksmith is here to serve you the best care. For instance, we have all the best state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the key is made is perfectly similar to your original

However, the best part about using our services to make you a new key for your car, home or place of work is the fact it is incredibly affordable. The average cost for this kind of service is usually around 50 dollars, but it can actually range between 27 dollars and 350 dollars. Rocket Locksmith will not only make you an incredibly durable key, as well as provide you with other options to fortify your security so you don’t have to rely on this outdated principle of using a key people think they can’t copy.

Better Security Measures

One way you can guarantee your key will never be duplicated is by using a restricted key. These keys are made specifically by one manufacturer since they have specially engineered tools to craft these tools. Although, this may be more than what you feel comfortable spending or not give you the comfort you desire. Thankfully, Rocket Locksmith can also provide you with rekeying services and new lock installations. They will even be able to implement keyless doors to your business if this is something you desire.

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If you are in a position where you have a “Do Not Copy” or “Do Not Duplicate” key, you shouldn’t worry about making a spare key from it. In fact, Rocket Locksmith encourages you to do this because having a spare will not only save you time but money as well. If you are the owner of this key and want to fortify your security at your property, you should seriously consider using stronger keys and locks. Thankfully, Rocket Locksmith can provide you with both needs. Contact us now if you have any questions about our services or if you need assistance with making a new key.