Ford has been making cars for decades, almost a century, and it’s only because they have been making some of the best cars around. Henry Ford revolutionized the industry by implementing various changes to the business model. For one, he made it easier to make cars and consume them by paying his employees a livable wage. You won’t go a day in the United States without seeing a Ford being driven around, but not everyone is prepared for all of the potential obstacles.

Not everyone carries a spare key for the car nor are they near the key when they actually need it. Accidentally locking your keys in your car can be incredibly frustrating, which is why it’s recommended to have someone to turn to when you are in this kind of situation. Rocket Locksmith has been assisting people with their automotive lock concerns for decades and it’s only because we know what the client wants. Contact us now to learn more about our services or to unlock your car in an emergency.

The Benefits of a Ford

Deciding to go with a Ford can be one of the best decisions you make. Everyone knows a Ford when they see one, so you will be given recognition wherever you go. While Ford is easily recognizable you actually have a wide assortment of options to choose from when it comes to Ford choices. You can go with a smaller and comfortable sedan, a hefty SUV or even an electric car when you want a Ford.

The type of car is not only a way for you to transport yourself but it also acts as a personality statement. A sedan is mostly used by people who only need it for themselves or their partner.  Having an SUV usually means you are a family person and have to lug a lot of children around. Additionally, you will be given a long list of updated technology shown to enhance the experience of driving. Your car will actually be safer with all of these features.

Fords Are Safe

When it comes to durability Fords are some of the best cars to turn to. IIHS has actually given Ford five stars in their ranking for crashes. With a five star rating for front and side crashes, you and your family will almost never have to worry about a life-ending car accident. It helps most of the newer models of Fords have cameras and sensors surrounding them.

This system of security will allow you to see everything around you without any trouble. Blind spots will be easier to see now because of the alert most models will present you with. Additionally, you no longer need to use your key to start the car. While you will need the key by the car to turn it on, you don’t need to physically install it. However, this beneficial feature can lead you to lock your keys in your car.

What if I’m Locked Out of My Ford?

It doesn’t matter if you have a Ford F150 or a Fiesta, you need a key to start your car. Even if it’s a push-to-start system you need to ensure you have your key on you to start the car. However, this wonderful feature has led to an increase in people being locked out of their car. This hindrance of an obstacle may seem like a day-ruiner, but it shouldn’t cause you much distress when you have the right resources at your disposal.

Rocket Locksmith will help you in this emergency by unlocking your car for you. We will meticulously look over your car and find the best way to unlock it. Although, your car may be having problems because of the ignition. Your ignition is like any other part of your car, it can start to break down. We will do our best to repair the part and ensure your car runs as smoothly as it did before. We will even help you get into your garage were you to be locked out.

Other Services Rocket Locksmith Provides

Rocket Locksmith has been able to help our communities for years and it’s only because of our determination to help people in emergencies. As a matter of fact, we won’t just help you with automotive lock problems. We will provide assistance in all matters, such as residential complaints and commercial problems.

Residential Services

Rocket Locksmith won’t just solve your automotive key problems. We will do our best to help you with your locks at your home. For instance, we can do a lock assessment to see how strong they are. There’s nothing more terrifying than waking up in your home only to find out someone has broken in because of a faulty security system. We will change out your locks for more durable parts were you in need of them. We will even help extract a key from the lock were it to break off inside.

Commercial Services

Realizing you forgot your keys before you got to work can be a complete day-ruiner, but it shouldn’t when you have the resources to prevent this. Rocket Locksmith can provide commercial services as well as residential and automotive. We will help you unlock your lock even if it is a keyless lock or pad. There is nothing we can’t help you sort through when you work with us. We will even install a panic bar to ensure your business is at its safest.

Call Rocket Locksmith Today

It doesn’t matter what kind of lock you have, we will do our best to unlock it for you. We pride ourselves in the fact we provide excellent service to anyone who calls us. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of us at 12 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, we will do our best to provide assistance. Having locations in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, and Weston, Florida, proves we know what the client wants. Contact us now to learn more about our available programs or to unlock your car in an emergency.