Visitors who are in quest for forts and military fun have a lot of points to explore. There are several forts across the city with different historical backgrounds informing their establishment. Military bases are also in town, and while others were built a whole new, others have maintained their status from being forts to new military bases. Unfortunately, you will never get a chance to hold any of the guns here; just come with your toy guns. Kansas City, MO information can be seen at this link.

Visit the Forts                                                              

The list of forts in Kansas is long, and as most of them have been forgotten, others are essential historical points of interest not worth ignoring. Fort Leavenworth and Fort Lincoln are the best forts visitors are most likely going to visit when they come to town. At these forts, visitors get interactive and educational sessions to learn more about Kansas city’s involvement in classical wars like civil wars. Discover facts about Places You Should Never Miss to Visit at Kansas, MO.

Modern Military Bases

As much as Kansas has no record of ocean bases, there is an airbase and an army base. Fort Leavenworth hosts nearly all the army bases with McConnell Air Force Base standing alone in Sedgwick. Generally, if you visit Fort Leavenworth, you will learn more about classical and modern military history