Hazelwood, MO is a town in St. Clair County, Missouri. It is a third-ring western suburb of St. Joseph. According to 2020 U.S. census Bureau data, the town had a population of 24,567. The population of Hazelwood, MO has been steadily increasing for the past decade and a half. Hazelwood, MO is home to more than two hundred people, making it the largest community of this kind in the entire St Clair County area. Hazelwood, MO is also known for its popular Hazelwood Raceway and Hazelwood Stadium. Hazelwood, MO is located in a flat section of land which makes the town a convenient place to live. Further facts about St Charles, MO  can be found here.

Hazelwood has a strong population of people who are in the construction industry. A large number of people in Hazelwood, MO work as carpenters or bricklayers and those who work in the construction business can make a comfortable living in Hazelwood, MO. People who are interested in working in this business can find job opportunities in Hazelwood, MO by looking through newspapers, internet advertisements, and classified ads. Hazelwood is also a great place to look for jobs. Companies that provide construction services may advertise in Hazelwood, MO newspaper, and advertise in internet sites that are devoted to information about Hazelwood, MO jobs. Click here to read about About The Area Of Florissant.

Hazelwood, MO is also a good place for students to live. There are many housing options available for students in Hazelwood, MO. Students in Hazelwood, MO may wish to live in homes owned by parents, apartments, or other types of private residences. Hazelwood, MO is an excellent place to live for students who have plans to attend St. Clair County colleges. Hazelwood, MO is home to several colleges including Hazelwood University, Hazelwood College, and Hazelwood Community College. Hazelwood, MO offers a variety of educational opportunities for students from all kinds of backgrounds and income levels. With a high percentage of people in Hazelwood, MO who are well educated and well-off, Hazelwood, MO is a desirable place to live.

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