There are just certain numbers you should always have in your phone; emergency contact, plumber, HVAC repair, a gardener, and a handyman. Were your house to suddenly start malfunctioning you’d immediately call them for assistance. But not many people know who to turn to when their keys are locked inside their home. Sure you can try and find a locksmith but so many have restrictions to what they can do and where they can do.

Rocket Locksmith has locations across the United States so we have the potential to be the person you call for help. We understand what our clients want because we actually take the time to listen to what they are saying. This allows us to create a perfect plan to solve your ailment. Our skilled technicians have all the tools needed to unlock your door, craft a new key or install a new lock. Contact us now to see how close we are to you or if you need assistance with a broken lock.

Calling for an Emergency Unlocking

There’s nothing more embarrassing than going out to get the mail and realizing you locked yourself out. This can be because you were distracted or just out of habit, which is a good one to keep. You always want to make sure your house has all of their locks locked so no one can break-in. We will come to your aid as quickly as possible so you don’t have to deal with the elements the weather throws at us.

How Much Will it Cost to Unlock My Door?

One of the most important aspects of hiring a locksmith is how much are they going to charge you just to unlock your door. Thankfully, there are companies out there who want to provide you with excellent service while at a manageable price. Calling Rocket Locksmith our for dispatch will cost you a simple 19 dollars fee. This will allow us to look over the lock you have and see what we can do to fix it.

Now to actually unlock your door the price can vary; from 27 dollars to 150 dollars. Don’t be frightened by this price because this all comes down to the type of lock you have. The more fortified locks cost more to get into because it requires more work, but this should be something you are proud of. Additionally, you may be part of the average who have an easier to manage lock but still strong enough to keep you safe.

Other Residential Services We Provide

When you call us for assistance we will gift you with all kinds of features you can use to your advantage. For instance, we can provide a lock assessment to see how strong your lock actually is. This will notify you of any potential problems and if you need a new lock. Thankfully, Rocket Locksmith also provides this service so you don’t have to spend more than necessary. Our skilled technicians will charge you a fair price to replace your lock; anywhere from 35 dollars to 150 dollars.

The more you want to spend on the lock the stronger it is going to deter would-be burglars. However, you may be calling us because your key broke off in your lock. Well, we can help you with this as well because we can provide a key extraction at a low rate of 29 dollars. We have barely any limits when it comes to the locksmith trade, which is what makes us stand out compared to our competitors.

Other Services Rocket Locksmith Offers

Rocket Locksmith is a company capable of assisting you with a wide range of problems. The only thing we can’t do is illegally break into your ex’s house. Our skilled technicians have everything they need in their vans to rekey you, fix a lock or even repair the ignition of a car. Looking through our services you will quickly see we can do a diverse range of jobs.

Automotive Services

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to deal with is the realization you left your keys in your car. This has actually ruined countless people’s days, but it shouldn’t anymore. There are reputable people out there with the tools to perfectly assist you. Rocket Locksmith’s automotive services are exactly what you need when you are in this emergency. For 19 dollars we will dispatch an expert to see what can be done to help you.

From there we will meticulously look over your car to see how we can unlock it without doing any damage. This can be as little as 25 dollars or as much as 150 dollars, depending on the car you drive. After all, the more expensive the car is the more security we have to go through. This won’t stop us from assisting you, which is why we recommend giving us a call when you are in this situation.

Commercial Services

Rocket Locksmith’s commercial services are nothing shy of excellent. We use almost all of the same tools to unlock your locks, which is why it’s set at a reasonable rate of 27 dollars to unlock your door. Additionally, we can install a panic bar so your work will always feel safe. The panic bar will always be unlocked inside, but will immediately lock after it closes. This will prevent people from the outside from just strolling into your business and taking what they want. Try out our commercial services to see how the durability of your place increase.

Commercial Locksmith

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Rocket Locksmith has locations in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, and Weston, Florida, because we know what our clients and people need. We actually take the time to listen to their quarrels and come up with a solution satisfying everyone. Our masterfully trained locksmiths will do no damage to your belongings because they have decades of experience under their belts. Contact us now to see how much stronger your place can be or call us at (314) 899-2469 if you need an emergency unlocking.