For many people, they don’t even think about copying their car keys. The dealership may actually give you a spare, but this rare and may cost you a good couple of hundreds of dollars. Then there are those who do eventually think about making a copy of their car key. This thought could have appeared because they start thinking about various situations with their car or they are one of the unlucky to have locked themselves out of their car without anyone around to assist them. Then when they do start thinking about making a duplicate of their key they think about the price.

This is a genuinely good question to have because the price may vary depending on who you go to. A car dealership may charge you almost as much as 1,000 dollars, while home improvement stores may charge you an incredibly low price. However, there is a happy medium in-between the two where you can pay an affordable rate, but get the servicing experience of a car dealership and more. Rocket Locksmith is happy to be the people you can turn to where you will pay a reasonable rate for an exceptional time. Contact us now if you want to learn more about us or if you are in an emergency yourself.

Why Copy Car Keys?

If you have ever been in a situation where you locked yourself, you know it can be a dreadful experience and this is only extrapolated when you have no one you know who can assist you. However, making a duplicate of your key can avoid all of these problems and may even allow you to save money in the long-run. 

For instance, were you to lock your keys in your car at your home then you car run inside and grab the spare. Additionally, if you are out in public and lock your keys in your car then you can call someone you trust with the key to come and help you. This way, you don’t need to call a locksmith to come and perform an emergency unlocking on you. However, when you do bring your car keys to be duplicated, make sure you have your car’s VIN number, make and model. This will be necessary information for those making the copy, but make sure you choose the right person to accomplish this service.

Places to Copy Car Key

When it comes to copying car keys, you don’t have as many options to choose from. There is a giant population of home improvement stores who will not copy them because they don’t want to risk it for legal reasons. The ones who can do it will attempt to make it for you, but they might not have the right equipment or materials to get this job done properly for you. This means you will be wasting your money and time when you need to find another person to make you a proper replacement.

Granted, there is always seeing a car dealership to get you a spare key or make a copy, but they will charge you a minimum of 150 dollars. This doesn’t include the other features the key may need and the labor costs they will most likely tack on. In the end, you can end up spending hundreds more than you expected. Thankfully, there is still one other person you can partner with to get this job done.

Best Place to Duplicate Car Keys

When it comes to keys, the best people to see are locksmiths. They don’t just help you with your locks and security but provide you with the best tools to keep them secure. Rocket Locksmith is no stranger to perfectly crafted equipment for not only cars but homes and businesses, as well. If you were to need to come and assist you we will gladly come to your exact location for a small dispatch fee of 19 dollars or you can come to one of our many locations in Missouri and Florida. There, we will gladly make you a duplicate car key, but we will need the original key and everything listed above about your car.

How Much to Copy a Car Key?

Now when you see a professional locksmith you need to understand this is something they have been studying, practicing and perfecting since their start, which can be decades for some businesses. This means you are going to be spending a little more than home improvement shops, but you are guaranteed a perfect duplicate of the original key. You will need to spend anywhere from 85 to 350 dollars on this copy, though. 

The reason it can cost so much is because the key may need to be used by more precise equipment and can require other components. Newer models of cars require chips and may only be a FOB, which can cost a decent amount of money to copy. However, we will always provide you with a durably made final product at a fair price. Although, if you still attempt to use a lesser experience company you should know the signs of a bad car key copy.

Did I Get a Bad Car Key Copy?

When you decide to see someone else who isn’t as experienced as a professional locksmith make sure you look out for signs of a badly made car key copy. For instance, does the copy line up with the original; do the grooves start at the same spot and have the same waves? If it does, then it’s a good sign it’s a decent copy. 

However, you need to make sure you bring in the original, not any other spare or copy. When you use a copy you move farther away than what the original looks; think of the phone game. Additionally, how much wear-and-tear is on the original key, because this can hinder the chances of having an exact duplicate, as well. Finally, if the key doesn’t start your car or even unlock your doors, then you got a faulty spare.

Contact Rocket Locksmith to Copy a Car Key Today!

Altogether, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a copy of your car keys. Additionally, you shouldn’t trust this task with just anyone because you will not just waste your time, but your money, too. Seeing a professional locksmith should be on your list of things when you receive a new car or if you don’t already have a spare. Rocket Locksmith has been able to help people in various cities across the country, so we will be able to definitely fulfill your needs. A copy of your car keys is guaranteed to work just as well as the original. Contact us now if you have any more questions about our abilities or if you want to schedule a time to make you the best duplicate car keys.