Many newer cars have keypad door locks that make them more secure and can allow you access to your car with a simple code. While this is convenient, if you forget the code or if something goes wrong and you can’t get the code to work, you may be locked out of your car. You will need a locksmith to help with Kansas City car keypad door lock problems. Information can be found here.


Reset Code

A locksmith who is familiar with keypad door locks may be able to reset the code so you can choose a new one and get back into your car. This isn’t always an option, but most locksmiths will be able to help you gain entry. See here for information about Call A Kansas City Car Locksmith To Help You Get Back In Your Car.

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Make A Key

If you have a keypad for your car door and don’t have a key, you will need a locksmith to make a new one. If the keypad isn’t working and has you locked out, this may be the only option to get back in.


If you are locked out and need help, be sure to call Rocket Locksmith KC for all your locksmith needs. Don’t get locked out of your own car, get help.