The United States is home to a diverse array of regions filled with their own kinds of cultures, environments and even weather conditions. Living in Missouri, you are probably accustomed to the frigid temperatures affecting the area during the chillier months. You know to wear warmer clothes and to turn the heater on in your home and car. Our bodies will even try to adapt to this colder feeling by pumping our body with more blood and encouraging yourself to move around; usually through shaking.

Unfortunately, our cars don’t get this same privilege and have to suffer through the weather ailments, which is why so many people have had to deal with a frozen car door. A frozen car door may seem like the end of the world, but it can quickly be fixed if you had the right tools and knowledge. Rocket Locksmith has seen the consequences of people poorly trying to fix these obstacles, which is why we provide people with so many varying services. Contact us now if you have any more questions about what we do or if you need assistance.

What is a Frozen Car Door?

For many people living in cooler climates, they may know about the dangers of colder weather. It can slowly creep up on you and cause your pipes to freeze or give you an ailing illness you may take months to get over. However, what some residents and new car owners may not be aware of is the fact your car door and car lock can actually freeze over. The temperature outside will actually reach such frigid temperatures your car will not open for you no matter how hard you try. If it was or is raining and snowing, this will only increase this likelihood exponentially. This is why you need to be aware of how to get into your car if there is a possibility of this.

How to Get Into a Frozen Car Door?

When you realize you have a frozen car door, don’t try and force it open because this won’t do anything but cause damage to your door handle. What you should do is figure out how it is frozen, which is usually the appearance of too much ice. Thankfully, you can try some simple solutions to overcome these issues. For instance, place your hand flatly on the door, under the handle, and firmly press against it.

This will break the ice holding it in place and preventing you from opening the door. Another idea you can try is by slowly warming up the door handle and components. Some warm water may do the trick or you can use a hairdryer to slowly heat up the parts. Of course, you can always try and use some de-icing agents on it, but this may not readily available for you at the moment.

What to do With a Frozen Car Door?

No matter how frustrating it is to realize you have a frozen door, don’t try and overpower the problem. For one, you can pull on your door handle to harshly and cause it to break off, which will then cost you money. You may try the tactic of putting your key into the lock and forcing it to turn, but the ice is going to be too durable to accomplish this. Meaning, your key will have a higher propensity to completely break off in the lock or cause further damage to the inner machinations of the door handle.

Despite all of these obstacles appearing, you don’t need to get even more upset. Rocket Locksmith is a professional company with all the services capable of assisting you during this tribuluous time. We will be able to extract the key from your door handle if it broke off for a price as low as 29 dollars and can then make you a new key costing as little as 89 dollars, which is vastly cheaper than a car dealership. Furthermore, we will be able to replace or fix your door lock with something better in case you do irreparable damage to it. Altogether, there is no reason to be distressed during this totally normal situation.

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Having a frozen car door doesn’t necessarily require the attention of a locksmith, but it can be useful during certain situations. For instance, the freezing may have actually caused irreparable damage to your lock, which is when Rocket Locksmith will appear. We will also help you if you accidentally do damage to your locks or keys during this tumultuous period. Contact us now if you have any questions or need assistance with your problem.