St. Charles is a charming historic city full of beautiful spots to see and fun things to do. The ‘historic St. Charles’ has a hundred things that will keep you glued in the city longer than you expected with its vast endless historic sites, landmarks, and historic architecture. To add to all this fun, St. Charles is a proud home to significant places that no one should ever miss when they come to town. Visit this link for more information.

St. Charles Historic District

St. Charles Historic District preserves the ancient European settlements along the Missouri River, with the landmark site of the last outpost where Lewis and Clark gathered their paraphernalia before heading for the famous expedition to explore the west. There are over seven thousand buildings spread within this area with ancient and modern architectural styles. Learn more about St. Charles, MO Has Exciting Amusement Parks.

Fast Lane Classic Cars

Fast Lane Classic Cars is a fantastic spot for classic car lovers. The showrooms within the dealership retail shop features over 180 classic cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Among the most valuable is the 1970 Mustang Mach I for classic car lovers to have a hand-on experience. The shop sells other antiques, such as hats and apparel. It is one of the most popular attraction sites added to the additional services to cars offered here.


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