Jaguars are some of the best cars around. When you see someone driving a Jaguar you know they are making a statement about who they are and what they do. You may even be one of the lucky who is in possession of such a notable vehicle. However, are you prepared for every scenario you can possibly be in when you own a car? For instance, not everyone knows what to do when they accidentally lock themselves out of their car.

Turning to a locksmith should be your first thought when you are placed in this situation. Finding one is a different story, though. Rocket Locksmith is one of the best locksmiths available in the Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood. We have all the tools necessary to successfully fulfill any request you ask of us. Our technicians have been in this industry for years and have been able to satisfy a wide variety of clients, which is why we recommend turning to us for assistance. Contact us if you have any more questions or need assistance with your own emergency.

The Best Jaguar Locksmith in Kansas City

When you decide to go with Rocket Locksmith regarding your lock concerns, you are choosing to simplify your life and save money at the same time. For instance, when you look at our prices you will quickly see we have some of the most affordable rates around. Calling us for dispatch will cost you as little as 19.99 dollars, but other necessary work may increase this price. For instance, were you to need a new key you may have to pay 85 dollars, which is still cheaper than going to your dealership. Rocket Locksmith understands what the community needs and we do our best to gift you with these services.

How Secure are Jaguars?

Jaguars are some of the most secure cars to drive around. Not only will the car lock were it to not sense the keys, but it will even sense other cars around it. The sensors implemented in the newer models allow you to see everything around you without any blind spots forming. Additionally, the technology has allowed you to use a push-to-start button to turn your car on. You just need to have the key near or in the car and the vehicle will turn on. Unfortunately, this has led to more people locking themselves out of their cars.

Services Rocket Locksmith Provides

Realizing you locked yourself out of your car can be an incredibly frustrating situation to be placed in, but it doesn’t mean your whole day should be ruined because of this one inconvenience. You just need to take the time to search for a reputable locksmith. Thankfully, you already have one with us, because we will provide you with the assistance you desire at a reasonable rate. Looking through our services you will quickly realize how much better we are compared to the competition.

Emergency Lockout and Access

Being locked out of your car can be quite frustrating to deal with, but don’t let it be the reason you are angry. Rocket Locksmith will come out to your location no matter what time of the day it is to help you in this emergency. You shouldn’t be locked out of your car especially when it’s the middle of the night. Our experts will masterfully unlock your car without any damage occurring to the vehicle. We have been able to work on various models of cars so we know what we are doing when it comes to Jaguars. You will quickly be in your car when you decide to call us to assist you out of this emergency.


Realizing your key is the problem can seem like a mind-wrecker of a problem. You can always call your dealership but this will cost you hundreds of dollars more than it would were you to turn to a locksmith. Rocket Locksmith provides re-keying services so you will never be short of a replacement. Our beautifully made equipment will make the process of copying, repairing or replacing your key an easy fix.

Car Key Replacement

One of the best aspects of working with Rocket Locksmith for your re-keying and car key replacement concerns is the fact we will come directly to you. Our mobile team will come and see what the problem is and what we can do to fix it. This is something other locksmiths can’t provide. You have to physically go to their shop, but this will then require you to have a tow truck carry the car to the shop. This can all be costly were you to be unprepared, which is why we recommend saving our number, 816-338-7883.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

Like everything, time will cause things to degrade in quality, but it doesn’t mean you should suffer the consequences. Your ignition is one of these components and needs to be tended to every now and then. Using Rocket Locksmith we will be able to carefully look over the parts and see what needs to be fixed or completely exchanged. Your car will no longer stall when turning it on nor will it ignore you. It will be like you have a brand new car after we work on the ignition.

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today

Rocket Locksmith prides itself in the fact we can help you with any kind of car locking trouble you are in. We will be able to masterfully analyze your Jaguar’s locks and see if they need work done or if your ignition needs to be replaced. However, we also provide you with residential and commercial services. Were you to be locked out of your home or place of work we will swiftly come to your aid.

We can even provide a lock assessment on all the locks in your house. This will give us an insight into how durable your locks are or if you need to get a new one for the house. We can even extract the key out of your lock was it to suddenly break off while unlocking the door. Your place of work’s lock will be nothing we can’t handle since we can unlock both keyed locked and keyless pads. Contact us now if you need assistance with your locks or give us a call at 816-338-7883 if you are in an emergency.