Wine scope is unique in Kansas City MO owing to its dry weather throughout the year. However, vineyards in the city have withstood the test of time to produce some of the best grapes and fruits used to produce wine. These wineries and vineyards are as well exciting for tours due to their beautiful sceneries. Visit a few of these wineries on the outskirts of the city for a fantastic wine experience. Information concerning Kansas City, MO can be discovered here. 

Top Hat Winery

It is a historic family-owned winery located on the historic independence square. It tops the list as one of the best winery spots and offers free wine tasting sessions.  Classy wines can be found here with other more common specific wine tastes. Onsite, there is a performance and visitors center that hosts regular events.  The bold scents, flavors, and textures are a tribute to the craftsmanship and care taken in wines’ production; whether you are a novice or connoisseur, there is a wine for you. Click here to read about Kansas City MO Is A Brainteaser of Museums.

Rowe Ridge Vineyard and Winery

Rowe Ridge Vineyard and Winery is one of the best wineries in Kansas City as a whole. The winery production here is expansive, and apart from using grown grapes only, they also incorporate other items for classier and tasty wines. If you are a dry wine drinker, this is definitely where you want to go.