Show me a one green nature park, and I will show you a hundred of them in Kansas City. There are over ten lively and beautiful nature parks in town worth exploring from state parks, national parks, botanical gardens to conservatory ecosystems. They offer a different taste of fun for individuals who prefer to go green. See more here.

Mountain Bike and Hiking

Hiking and bike riding fanatics have a lot of places to choose for this unique kind of fun. Grab your hiking shoes and explore the vast hike trails in parks such as Swope Park Mountain Bike Trail and Rozark Nature Trail. There are endless trails that give visitors a chance to view all the beautiful things nature offers. Camping lovers have several parks to head to as well for fabulous time outside far away from the noisy, busy city center. Read about Kansas City MO Has Beautiful Sceneries  here. 

Wildlife Tours

Kansas City Parks and, more specifically, nature parks serve visitors to an extraordinary treat of viewing and watching unique wildlife. The wild animals found at these parks include plants, insects such as butterflies at botanical gardens, and birds. Visitors get a chance to view lions, aquatic birds, butterflies and learn more about nature and wildlife at Kansas City Zoo.