It can be right to name Kansas, a museum city because it has several museums more than any other city. While it features classical museums, most of them have been renovated and transformed into spectacular modern centers for fun. No need to remind you what happens in museums, but listing the most popular spots can make you leave Netflix and head to the city for another level of fun. Find further facts here.

American Jazz Museum

This spectacular museum, is of the many museums in Kansas. Maybe you have heard of Charlie Parker or not, but if you wish to learn about the history of jazz musicians and jazz music in general with the different styles and instruments, this is where to come. Read about Kansa, MO’s Nature Fun Is Expansive here.

Learn About African American Baseball

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is the best spot to learn about the historical racial perception of baseball. Visitors learn deeply about racial segregation leading to the integration of the great Black Yankees baseball team. If you need more, head to the museum and get first-hand history.

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

This marvelous museum houses some rare and valuable toys from classical times up to now. The displays are only for the view, and you will never get a chance to play with them unfortunately.