Not many people think about it until it’s too late, but it’s important you always have a spare or a few of them. Most people think they are too responsible they won’t ever lose their keys, but it can happen and it’s why they are called accidents. You didn’t expect to lose them, but you shouldn’t let this small hiccup completely ruin your day. Thankfully, there are people you can turn to for assistance in getting back into your property and also providing you with a spare key or two.

However, it’s important you pick the right person when it comes to someone copying your keys. You don’t want to pick a random business because they might not be as experienced or have as much security around there so someone may be able to find your information. Rocket Locksmith does our best to keep everything regarding your belongings in a safe place no one can get into without the right authorization. Additionally, we can provide affordable rates to cut your keys while still gifting you an exceptional service. Contact us now if you have any questions about what we can do or if you want to schedule a meeting with us today.

What is Key Cutting?

Locks and keys have been used for centuries; dating back to the ancient Chinese who kept valuables away until important events to the current monarch of England where religious artifacts are safely stored until needed. However, the common person isn’t going to have any need to get a locksmith who works with either of those kinds of people. Most people are going to have to deal with someone who has the tools to successfully cut a key.

The process of key cutting has advanced throughout the years, which is why you can get a variety of different security systems. There is the classic key everyone knows about and they are also the easiest to cut. The locksmith will either use a manual, automatic or laser machine to get an accurate cut for the key you want to be duplicated. Additionally, if you see the right locksmith, they will take their time to ensure it’s as close to the original as possible. We don’t want you to break your original and then have to rely on a shoddily made replica because the quality only gets worse the more you copy them.

Why Make Extra Keys?

One of biggest reasons you should have extra keys is the fact you may misplace the ones you regularly carry. There is nothing wrong with that, everyone has done it once in their life. However, what comes next doesn’t need to be as common as everyone thinks. Having a spare key means you get to avoid all the work of trying to find a locksmith who is close to you, offering an affordable price and then arriving in a timely manner. 

Despite this, you should still see a locksmith above everyone else when it comes to making duplicate keys. You can always go to a home improvement store, but they aren’t specifically trained in this skill. You will have a higher likelihood of the key being faulty, thus, wasting your time and money. Plus, they may be the type of business who won’t cut certain keys.

What Keys Can I Cut?

Keys are a pretty standard thing people have, but there are so many options out there. Despite that, there is usually one picture people think of when someone mentions a key; a standard metal one. These are incredibly easy for locksmiths to cut, usually take a few seconds and cost a couple of dollars. 

Trained locksmiths can even make duplicates of car keys, but it depends on the person you see. Many may turn you away because of the difficulty and components needed to fully copy it. This may be why so many businesses will charge outrageous prices to fully accomplish this, which is why you need to find the right locksmith to help you. Locksmiths will even cut “Do Not Duplicate” keys without any hesitation. There is no law saying you can’t, but home improvement stores feel like it’s still a risky move compared to locksmiths who understand the legislation completely.

Places That Make Keys Near Me

Trying to find the right locksmith may be a daunting task, considering how many options are out there. But, it doesn’t need to be, especially for those living in the St. Charles, Kansas City, and St. Louis, Missouri, and Weston, Florida, regions. Rocket Locksmith has been able to help all of these communities with their problems without charging exuberant rates. We are the best locksmith out there offering affordable rates for all of our services.

Average Cost of Cutting Keys

Since there are so many ways to cut keys, there is a wide range of prices people will charge to cut your keys. There are some places who will ask you to spend hundreds of dollars just for one key, which is outrageous considering its usually for a simple key. We try to do our best to provide people with fair prices when it comes to the work we will do, which is why we usually charge those asking for our support a measly 27 dollars. However, if you have a more fortified security system then you may need to shell out as much as 150 dollars. Fortunately, we will do our best to give you a price within your means.

Contact Rocket Locksmith Today!

Key cutting may not seem like an important errand to put on your list, but you should write it down so you aren’t put in a situation where it could have been resolved if you just had a spare. Rocket Locksmith wants to show you why it’s important to stay safe, which is why we offer so many security systems at a low rate. We will be able to cut you new keys, rekey your locks, install a new security system and panic bars, and so much more. Contact us now if you have any questions or if you want to schedule a meeting with us today.