There seems to be something about car transponder keys that, once it experiences a single problem, it’s an uphill battle to keep it working afterward. Unfortunately, this inevitably means hours spent waiting at the dealership on a busy Saturday for someone with the requisite experience to take a look at your key fob and replace the battery—even though you already did—then re-attach a wire, test it a dozen times, and somehow suck away hours of your free time. Or, for anyone who drove a beater car fresh out of college, you probably understand the annoyance of a sticky lock or poorly fitting key. After all, older cars have their quirks after so much use but, because of its age, it may not feel worthwhile to get it fixed.

Here’s the good news: if it has anything to do with locks or keys, your local commercial, home, and auto locksmith can likely help you out more easily than a dealership! An experienced locksmith, like the team here at Rocket Locksmith in St. Louis, can handle a lot more than key cutting. The short and sweet answer is yes, we can copy car keys, and we can do a lot more for your vehicle too!

Replacement Car Keys

In very broad and general terms, replacing or copying a car key is just as easy as it is to copy your house key. It requires a bit of a different skillset, but we can copy car keys just as well as we do house or business keys. Yes, that includes sidewinder keys and electronic keys. More importantly, we can repair transponder keys so if your fob dies, don’t call your local dealership and lose most of your weekend. Call your local auto locksmith instead, for swifter and easier service—usually, it’s easier for our mobile locksmith team to come to you, rather than the other way around!

Lock Repair

If you’ve lost car keys, don’t fret. One of the easiest answers, rather than worrying someone is going to find your keys and steal your vehicle, is to rekey your car’s locks and have new keys made. Rekeying your car’s locks is comparable to rekeying your home; it changes the tumbler itself but not the hardware. Of course, if you get new keys made for your vehicle, you’ll likely need to rekey your ignition as well, so those new keys actually work. A knowledgeable auto locksmith like Rocket Locksmith can handle the entire process for you seamlessly. This way, you can stop worrying about the day your key sticks permanently in the car door and enjoy smoothly functioning locks and ignition!

Key Extraction

Of course, if you do let a sticky lock go long enough that it finally breaks your key, all hope is not lost. At Rocket Locksmith, our team can come to you and get that partial key removed from your lock or ignition, copy the key, and check the lock or ignition to make sure everything is functioning properly. And, unlike a dealership, we’ll come to you when you need it! Don’t pay exorbitant dealer fees for mobile and emergency services that your local locksmith can provide even more easily!

Car Unlock Services

Of course, on top of all the above services, Rocket Locksmith is here to help when you accidentally lock yourself out of your car. We even provide emergency locksmith services across St. Louis, so give us a call when you need it, day or night!

Whether you need key cutting or ignition re-keying, Rocket Locksmith is here to help. Call us for your auto locksmith needs across St. Louis to get help from an experienced locksmith today!