Keyless entry systems allow you to enter your building with a passcode or a key card, and are much safer and more secure than a traditional key lock. Key locks can be compromised by picking the lock, a broken key, and are utterly impossible to access when a key goes missing. Fortunately, Rocket Locksmith
knows how important security is to keep your business safe, and that’s why we recommend keyless entry systems for your St. Louis business.

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Why Go Keyless?

Using a passcode rather than a traditional key allows anyone with the passcode to access the building, meaning there are less physical keys in circulation, and no chance of them being lost. When the passcode has circulated too far, it is easy to reset the lock with a new passcode, without having to rekey the lock. Similarly, the customization possibilities allow you to restrict access, and monitor the entry of others into the building. When you have total control of your front door, you can rest easy knowing that your business is being protected.

Keyless entry systems are more secure because they cannot be picked like a typical key lock. Similarly, since they do not use a key, there is no wear on the key or the lock, meaning they last longer, and are more reliable.

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