With all the advancements in technology happening so quickly it can be hard to track every single invention being made or innovated. For instance, we are accustomed to using a key and inserting it into a door lock to unlock it, which is outdated and can be disastrous if you lose your keys. This is why keyless entry lock systems are the best way to go for maximum security and assurance of not losing your keys.

With most keyless entry systems you can use just a password or even biometrics. Rocket Locksmith is well versed in all the possible keyless entry systems out there, which is why we are proud to install them in so many residences and commercial properties. We have seen the benefits and ease these systems can provide, which is why we recommend using them. Contact us now if you have any more questions about what we can do or if you need our assistance today.

Reason to Use Keyless Entry Lock Systems

With all new things, there is hesitation to use it which is understandable because of the lack of research done on them. However, there is a reason certain industries continue to promote these keyless entry systems. For one, they are much safer to use compared to a regular lock. You usually have to input a code into password systems or can use a thumbprint for the more advanced versions of keyless entry lock systems.

These are almost all foolproof ways of protecting yourself from burglars trying to break in through any doors. Additionally, you can also give out different codes for different people so you can keep track of who is going into your home and who is entering and exiting your place of work. This protects you from disgruntled employees or exes from trying to destroy your property or steal from your business.

Being incredibly durable also helps people from trying to destroy the door lock, but one of the best aspects you should consider is having timed locks. This prevents certain people from leaving the house or entering it unless the place is opened from the inside. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about employees coming in after hours to do work. However, you need to make sure you pick the right people to install your keyless entry locks.

Who Can Install a Keyless Entry Lock?

You are always welcome to try and install these locks yourself, but these advanced materials can be complicated to handle if you don’t have the right experience and information to do it. You may put something in wrong and it can cause the whole system to malfunction. Using a locksmith to install your keyless entry locking system will be the best thing you can do when placed in this position. However, you need to make sure you pick the best locksmith to do this job.

Keyless Entry Locksmith Near Me

An important factor to consider when choosing a locksmith isn’t just the price but also how far the professional is in relation to you. You don’t want to choose someone who is going to charge you more money because you are too far or anything related to these complications. Rocket Locksmith can assure you will get the best possible care if you live within the vicinities of St. Louis, St. Charles, Kansas City, Missouri, and Weston, Florida.

For instance, it will only cost you 39 dollars to 150 dollars to work with Rocket Locksmith if you need to install a lock in your home or place of work. We can give you the basic locks for a small 39 dollars, but if you want a more advanced system you are going to need to spend a little more than 40 dollars. However, this is still vastly cheaper than the total you’d have to pay from other locksmiths.

Average Locksmith Costs

The average cost of locksmiths in the region will charge an estimated total of around 180 dollars. However, this requires them to charge a minimum total of 75 dollars, compared to the 19 dollar dispatch fee Rocket Locksmith offers. Additionally, installing new locks can cost an average of 120 dollars. You won’t even come near the average cost a locksmith usually charges people when working with us.

Contact Rocket Locksmith for Keyless Entries!

Understandably, you may be wary about installing a smart lock into your home, but it will benefit you in all kinds of ways. You can keep track of who enters your home and even schedule them to lock during certain hours so no one can break-in without notifying you. You will then be able to act quickly and call the police. Contact us now if you want to upgrade your security system or want to know more about our other services.