The Common Causes of Ignition Switch Malfunctions

Everyone wishes to have a smooth journey without any difficulties especially while traveling in a car where one loves to feel more comfortable. The ignition switch is one of the important parts of the car which activates all components of the car. Once the key is inserted into the ignition switch which is located on the steering wheel column the engine gets started and moves forward or backward as controlled by the driver. But the Ignition Switch system faces issues due to constant usage.

Some of the common causes of Ignition Switch Malfunctions are listed below.


Broken Key is Stuck inside the Ignition Switch.

This could be one of the main reasons to stop your car engine from functioning. When we plug in the key to the ignition switch, it has four positions OFF, ACC, RUN and START. Due to the continuous usage of the key to move to these positions, the key may get weaken and finally break when in use. This can be a frustrating situation where it is difficult to get it repaired by yourself.

So, it is best to contact the best and trusted Car Locksmith to remove the key and get a new one made.


Corrupted Wafers

Inside the Ignition switch, we can see a unique set of cuts which we generally called wafers, which helps the vehicle to identify the specific key. Usually, the wafers get jammed with dirt due to constant use and requires regular cleaning.

So, if the functions are no longer responding to the key then you can get help from a good Car locksmith and get it to replaced.


Manufacturing Defect

Generally, we get good quality components when we purchase but sometimes in certain exceptional cases, we may get defective components. So, if the vehicle warranty period is not finished then most car manufactures will do a free replacement of defective components.

In case if the warranty period is exceeded then you need to find an experienced locksmith to get it repaired.


Communication problem between Transponder and PCM.

PCM refers to Power trained control module which handles more than 100 factors of the car. If you observe the light in the vehicle security system, then we can conclude that the Programmed chip is corrupted or has lost its programming. Because of this reason the PCM and Transponder are not able to communicate with each other.

For this issue, you have two solutions:

  • Reprogram the Original Key or
  • Reproduce a New Key.


Difficult to turn the Ignition Switch.

When you insert the key, sometimes the ignition switch will not turn. So, make sure that the Steering wheel is not locked by shaking it. Even after this if you still face the same issue then you can get help from a Car Locksmith.

In some scenarios, it is tough to turn the ignition switch. You can use lubricants to work smoothly. But avoid using penetrating oil which may lead to problems in the electronic circuits inside the switch.


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