You will be facing a lot of door lock problems from time-to-time. Most of the residential as well as commercial house owners have experienced some kind of door lock problem at one point in their lives. However, the way you solve these problems will play a major factor in the security of your house. Many people don’t prefer calling a professional locksmith until it’s been too late. There are a few door lock problems that you shouldn’t avoid and get them fixed instantly. These factors can majorly affect your security.

Door lock problems are known to leave the security of the house open to attack and vulnerable. Here are some of the door lock problems you might face that you need to get fixed immediately.


Misaligned Door Locks

These locks are usually used interchangeably along with the misaligned strike plates. That’s because it can lead to some major door lock problems. These kinds of problems are really easy to come across and spot. The problem as the name suggests means that the locking mechanism key parts aren’t lined up in a perfect way that would facilitate the core functions of the door. In most of the cases, the locking bolt or latch isn’t exactly lining up with the door locks strike plate.

A strike plate is usually known to be fixed to the door jamb, and it usually facilitates the extension of the latch or the bolt. Misaligned latches and deadbolts are known to be the most common type of door lock problems. This means that the door locks weren’t properly installed or the door frames and the doors that have been warping due to the climatic changes. You can easily spot the danger. If the door lock is totally misaligned, it will get really difficult to operate the door manually. It will lead to your home or office door being exposed.


Loose Door Knobs, Door Locks & Door Handles

There are various components that hold the lock body together. Each of these parts ensures that the lock is functioning properly and smoothly. If any of these parts fall apart, then it might lead to a serious problem. The lock won’t be working in a correct manner. But, the question is, how do the parts of the door lock fall apart?

The answer is quite simple. Most of the door lock parts are known to loosen up as the time passes. With extended usage, the door lock parts usually wear out. This is the main problem with the exterior door locks. It has been recorded that 58.3% of the overall break-ins are known to be a result of the forced entry. And if the door lock parts are usually loose, then it will really become easier for the burglars to break in without any hesitation.


Jammed Latches & Locks

If your door is jammed, then it might be a serious issue. This kind of problem shouldn’t be ignored. You should work on getting it fixed instantly. Don’t quite neglect it. It will lead to your security being compromised at some point in the future. And if not fixed at the right time, it can lead to serious damage in the future to the door hardware or frame.
One of the most common reason could be the debris being built up that will simply clock the internal mechanism. If the lock bolt or latch is broken, then it can quite jam the door. There can be various problems causing your door to be jammed, and you should look forward to figuring it out instantly.



Door lock problems can quite be a serious issue and can compromise your security if not addressed at the correct time. If you are facing any kind of problem with your door lock, you should start figuring out what the problem is and get it fixed instantly. And if you want a professional locksmith to handle this problem for you, all you need to do is to contact us right now and we’ll be at your place in no time!