3 Ways To Save Money On Your Storefront Door Locks

The door locks on your commercial storefront keep your goods and valuables safe from theft and intrusion. So it’s important that you invest in quality door locks to avoid any expensive situations lateron.

To help you out, Rocket Locksmith; an experienced locksmith in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Weston brings you three ways to save money on your storefront door locks.



In some cases, you may have to change the door locks of your store or office. But otherwise, even if your door lock is damaged or not working properly, you can think about re-pinning as a money-saving, effective alternative. Re-pinning works on locks with decreased functionality because of damaged pins.

You can contact a reliable locksmith near you and ask him to replace the pins in your storefront lock. This way, you can use the same lock without replacing it and can even enhance its utility!


Lighten Up
In case you see that your storefront locks are constantly being tampered with, then replacing them often can become expensive. Prevent thieves from causing damage by adding a few more security elements to your business store. This can be something as easy as bright and interesting lighting!

Why? because thieves and intruders are more eager to search for dark spots and work in dark areas. By brightening up, they can get a clear signal that you were cleverer than them and that now, their plan is all dead!


Good Maintenance
The best way to extend the durability of your door locks is to provide regular and timely maintenance. Even the most simple maintenance habits can keep your business safe. You should regularly keep applying some WD-40, or any other type of oil lubricant to the keyway, latches, and bolts. This will keep the inner mechanics away from excessive grinding from on one other and wearing out. Especially if you are interested in an expensive lock, then maintaining it like brand-new one can prove to be cost effective in the long run as it will help you avoid expensive repairs later on.


By saving money on a storefront door, you can increase your budget on renovating the store interior or making the locking system even more sophisticated. Similarly, this does not mean that you are ignoring the importance of a storefront door. You can follow all these steps given above to keep your security strong and make it stronger through regular maintenance and care!


If you are looking for any type of locksmith services in St Louis, Kansas City or Weston, then pleas don’t hesitate to contact Rocket Locksmith. We’re a 24/7 locksmith and always ready to help!