Ideal home security is a massive deal in the modern age. Apart from security gadgets being fancy to mess around with, today’s home security technology offers homeowners like you and your family a lot of control over how the home security functions. Since this technology is adapted to function with pre-existing mobile devices, this makes it thinkable for you to keep a tab on everything that goes around the house, even if you are out of town for a couple of days. Technology has fundamentally transformed the way we protect our houses. 

The following are 7 ways technology has changed home security in recent times, and what it means for you.


1. Monitored carbon monoxide and fire detectors 

These monitored detectors help you to connect to the medical and fire response, ensuring that the alarms work and are not faulty. These can be connected to information about the house such as who resides there, if you’ll require extra assistance in an emergency event, or even if there may be animals that require rescuing. This way, first responders can reach at the spot with a better idea of what they require to do.


2. Facial recognition technology 

While law enforcement has been utilizing facial recognition technology to recognise potential dangers for numerous years, smart video cameras introduce the modern technology to consumer products. With this smart technology you can fetch personalized notifications when someone is in your camera’s view.


3. Fingerprint scanners 

When it comes to recognizing you as a homeowner, your ideal security system can be programmed with the ability to need a fingerprint scan. As fingerprints are unique, from one individual to another, you can add this feature to your security system to help make your house less accessible to burglars. Also, a fingerprint scanner can be fixed to check for more than one person’s fingerprints. This indicates that your family members can have access to your house, but in case anyone else, whose fingerprints are not stored on file, the fingerprint scanner will not allow them to enter.


4. Installed monitored security cameras 

The introduction of security cameras has made is possible to acquire a long-range footage the moment someone approaches the house. Via a monitored security system, you can communicate with other pieces of the security system, or if needed automatically alert you to a difficulty like a burglar attempting to gain access to the residence. With the ability to store digital data in the cloud, storing and retrieving countless data of recorded footage has become both easy and cheap.


5. Mobile Security Apps

A smartphone app is always vital for any comprehensive home security system. With the ability to connect your smartphone to your home security system, your whole home’s security system can be controlled from the palm of your hand. Not only does it offer remote mobile access over the home security system, but also allows one to tap into other crucial features of your smart home. You may desire to change the temperature inside the house with a remote, set your favourite show to be recorded in your absence, or even turn on and off appliances. Being able to have control via a security system is what utilizing the strength of modern technology is all about.


6. Smart Locks 

Nowadays houses can be outfitted with effective smart locks. These locks have the detection technology to recognize when someone is approaching the home’s door, and can be set to automatically unlock the door. A smart lock helps to keep you safe while offering you various degrees of programmable flexibility. Also, smart locks are opened with a keypad and passcode, not a key, so you don’t have to stress about hiding a spare key.


7. High-powered infrared LED 

Security cameras are beneficial as they offer the ability to clearly recognize who is on the property or inside the residence. While night vision has been around since years, the quality has always been grainy, making it difficult to determine whether the individual in the backyard is a neighbour or a burglar. With the use of high-powered infrared LED in the security cameras, you can fetch much higher quality footage, especially at night, and also acquire a screenshot of the video image on your smartphone. 


Advanced modern security mechanisms have come a long way. If you’re interested in understanding and learning more about what an ideal security system could offer you, Rocket Locksmith would be happy to help. Connect with us on our website and we can come out to offer you a free consultation. We are licensed and fully trained to deal with all your security requirements as per proper standards and in the most reliable manner.