As a locksmith, we know a lot of tricks to getting in and out of a door. One common problem is being able to get your car door open when it is frozen. We are here to help you get into your car even when the locks aren’t the issue. We offer a lot of tips to open a frozen car door and get on with your day.

Rocket Locksmith offers a wide range of locksmith services such as commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith solutions. We are experts in opening and locking doors. In the case of frozen car doors, we are here to offer you some great tips to get that door open. Here are some of the methods we use to get frozen car doors open.

Applying Pressure

One of the first methods to use is applying pressure to the car door. You simply need to lean on the door and push on it as much as possible. If it works properly, the ice between the door’s seal will break and loosen its grip. You should then be able to pull the door open with the ice broken.


At times, the ice can be too hard to break so applying pressure isn’t good enough. You can use different deicing chemicals to get the ice melted so you can open the door. These chemicals are designed to melt ice and help you remove it from your door. If you have some deicing chemicals, it is a great option.

Scrape the Ice Away

If you do not have the chemicals to de-ice the ice on your car, you can use different tools to scrape the ice away. Using an ice scraper, you can break the ice in the seal of your door and eventually break through the ice that is keeping your door shot. You can combine this method with the pressure to eventually loosen up the ice.

Use Hot Air

If you don’t have any luck with these methods, you can always utilize a battery operated hair dryer to blow hot air on the ice. This will help warm the ice and melt it away. After a bit, you should be able to get your car door open.

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