The introduction of outdoor security cameras has made it possible to obtain long-range footage the moment anyone approaches the house. Through a monitored security system, you can communicate with other sets of security systems in the house, or if needed get automatically alerted to a difficulty like a burglar attempting to gain access to the residence. With the capability to store digital data in the cloud, storing and recovering uncountable data of recorded footage has become both easy and inexpensive. 

However, we have majorly noticed that most homeowners face challenges when it comes to making security decisions because of the confusing promises made on the internet. That’s why experts at Keychain Locksmith have detailed some best outdoor security cameras to protect your home perimeter:


1. Nest Cam 

The Nest Cam security camera has features like cloud storage, video-recording, is weatherproof, and has two-way audio. With the use of artificial intelligence, it clearly distinguishes between humans and non-human. The camera instantly sends an alert on the smartphone when motion is detected by the surveillance. It also offers night vision ability and a wide camera angle. The camera has an 8x zoom and has the capability to store video footage for up to 40 days.


2. Zmodo Outdoor Camera 

This is a 1080p HD video outdoor Wi-fi camera with features like a two-way audio system, motion alerts, weather-proof design, and remote access. The camera has 36 hours of free cloud storage and its electromagnetic mount offers homeowners the ease to position it anywhere outdoors.


3. Arlo Security Camera 

This security camera offers astounding audio quality along with high-quality visuals. The wireless option makes it easy for the camera to be positioned at any location in the house, thus, making it an ideal option for safeguarding the perimeter of the house. The Arlo Camera is a weather-resistant surveillance system and is wire-free. It offers features like HD video quality, two-way audio, and night vision. Additionally, it has a motion-activation system that plays the role of detecting unusual movements within the property. 


4. Flir FX

This camera allows for both local storage and cloud-based storage. For homeowners wanting to be able to store more footage and view it anytime, this camera choice is a great deal. The camera offers a video output of 720p, coupled with a 160-degree viewing angle. It also features night vision mode along with the round-the-clock recording. It also allows for two-way audio as well as sound and motion alerts. 


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