Security is important to the success of your business, so it is important to invest in the best protections. One of those things is a keyless entry system. This eliminates the ability to pick the lock, and is easier to update security when a pin number gets circulated too far. If your St. Louis business needs a security upgrade, give Rocket Locksmith a call.

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Benefits of Keyless Locks

Keyless locks allow you to enter your office using a pin or a small card that can easily fit in a wallet. With a passcode, anybody that knows the combination can enter, and the lock will close back shortly afterwards. This lets you be confident that your office is being protected from picked locks, broken keys, or even simply forgetting to lock the door when on your way out. Using an access key gives you the same benefits as having a physical key, but without the risk of wearing and breaking.

Customization is also a huge benefit to going keyless. You can always change your passcode when it becomes known to the wrong people, and limit access to certain areas or during certain times. There is no reason that someone should be in your business without your permission.

Go Keyless with Rocket Locksmith

A qualified technician from Rocket Locksmith will be able to expertly install keyless entry systems for your office or home, giving you peace of mind that you will have the best security possible. They will also be able to provide maintenance and do repairs on the system when things go awry, and consult you on how to better secure your business to prevent break ins and broken locks.

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