Many commercial buildings have different rooms that require different locks depending on the room and sensitivity of what is there. If you have rooms that contain equipment or information that shouldn’t be accessed by everybody, you can utilize a master key system to make your locks more efficient. In other words, some keys can open multiple doors while other keys only grant access to some rooms.

With Rocket Locksmith, your business can utilize a master key system to create a more efficient system for keys. Most businesses realize they are in need of a master key system when they find themselves holding key rings with about 10 different keys. If you are tired of getting lost through keys, learn about the master key system and alternative methods for locks.

Benefits of Master Key System

As we mentioned, if you have a key ring with too many keys to keep track of, you’re in need of a master key system. The master key system is designed to reduce the amount of keys you have to deal with to get around to any room in your building. A master key will be able to unlock all doors while other keys can only unlock some of the doors.

The advantage is efficiency. Sometimes, you can spend minutes trying to find the right key to a room. In cases of emergency, this can be a problem. Meanwhile, you can keep sensitive equipment or information away from those who don’t need to see it. The master key system makes it easy give the right people access to certain rooms while keeping them out of others.

Alternative Key Systems

While the master key system makes it easy and efficient to deal with keys, it can also be a security threat. In many cases, locks in a master key system are easier to pick and break. If you are more worried about security, there are high-security options for your key system. You can also take advantage of keyless entry systems to gain access to any room.

It is important to get a good balance of efficiency and security for any lock in your building. Working with Rocket Locksmith, you’ll be able to find the best solution for your building. We can help you find the locks that will work best for what you want to accomplish. Whether it is a master key system or a keyless entry system, we offer the best solutions for commercial buildings.

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