Locks are what make our homes a safer place to live as it deters intruders and ensures privacy. Even imagining the horror of a lock getting displayed from its original place can be discomforting. However, if it does happen to you, you’re immediately looking for an alternative or a make-do option to put the lock back into the doorknob. The lock is usually affixed on the doorknob that helps it secure the particular entry into the house.


If the lock does get detached from its position, it can be a cause of concern. It can be tackled by looking for loose ends attaching the lock to your door and re-strengthening the surrounding areas. With the help of a few new materials, the lock can be successfully affixed back on to the doorknob, such as brand new screws, super glue, etc. Listed below are a few ways you can make this possible: 


1. Inspection of the Damages

The broken condition of your lock can only mean that your security has been compromised. Additionally, the pressure applied on the door with each latch strike or door lever movement could render your lock dysfunctional. This indicates internal damage and it is advised to consult a professional locksmith in order to get a clearer perspective on the problem at hand. Once you’re aware of the damage caused, fixing the lock can become fairly simple and cost-effective with the right help. Keeping in touch with a locksmith expert can prove to be extremely advantageous.


2. Inspection of the door

When a lock is damaged, usually it can create more problems for you if it has damaged the door as well. In fact, you’ll be lucky if your door is intact despite lock damage for about 1-2 days. Although, in most situations, we tend to leave it be unless any apparent damage is detected, just waiting for something bigger to strike. What you might not realize is that the heavy lock metal is damaging the door and its very foundation. Therefore, when locks come off, check if the door is strong enough to take another new lock.


3. A peek inside your lock

If it does come out, now you can get it checked very easily by a local locksmith professional. Also if the door is unharmed, you can easily get a new lock fixed without spending much on it. The lock can be looked into by a locksmith and mended to its full efficiency in time. 


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