Have you ever wondered what happens when you push the buttons on your key fob? Obviously, it lets you into your car or business. But did you ever wonder what the mechanics are behind it? We’re going to talk a little bit about what goes into making and programming a key fob and what you can do if you happen to lose yours.

The Mechanics Behind your Key Fob.

Electronic devices can sometimes be tricky, so we’re going to explain a little bit about how your car’s key fob works. Your key fob, or remote keyless entry, allows you to access your vehicle without using the physical key. By pressing a button while within 15 yards of your car, You send a signal to your car to open the door or perform various other functions.

Keyless remote use the short range radio frequency to send a message to your car to unlock the doors. The message is coded and only your car can open the specific code sent by the key fob.

Some of the Functions your Key Fob can Perform

There are multiple functions your key fob can be programmed to perform. Here are some of the functions that are possible:

  • Trunk latch release
  • Panic button
  • Open sliding side doors (mini vans)
  • Remote engine start
  • Raise/lower convertible roof
  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Keyless car start
  • Open business doors
  • Garage door open/close

There are so many things a keyless remote can be programmed to accomplish. What happens if your lose key fob? No need to worry, Rocket Locksmith can help! We have calls daily from folks that have lost or damaged their key fobs. We come to your location and can have a new key fob programmed and in your hands before you know it. Call Rocket Locksmith in St. Louis at 314-899-2469 today!

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