Do you have any idea how your car’s transponder key works? Let’s be honest, who has ever heard of a transponder key? Transponder keys, better known as chip keys, give you remote access to your vehicle. How exactly does that happen? Luckily, Rocket Locksmith is here to help you understand how your transponder key works and what you can do if you lose it.

Mechanics of Transponder Keys

With a transponder key, gone are the days of leaning over unlocking all the car doors, while the kids stand outside on the hot pavement. With a touch of a button, all doors and even the trunk can be unlocked before you reach your car. Pretty ingenious really! But how exactly does it work?

  • Transponder keys have 2 parts; the transmitter and the responder.
  • The transmitter has a microchip that is capable of sending a signal to the responder. The microchip is usually in the key part of the transponder and is connected with a serial number during manufacturing.
  • When the microchip sends a message to the responder, it must recognize the serial number in order to respond.
  • If the serial number isn’t recognized, the transmitter won’t respond to the request.
  • When the serial number is validated by the transmitter, the car will unlock or perform the selected function.

There are 2 types of transponder keys. Those used for remote entry and keys that are similar to traditional key’s but have the added protection of serial number engine identity. Because almost every car recently manufactured has the convenience of the transponder chip key system, there are going to be lost or stolen keys. What can you as a car owner do when this happens?

What to Do If You Lose Your Transponder Key

We’ve probably all had the frustrating experience of misplacing or losing our car keys. But how do we replace a transponder key specific for our vehicle? Don’t worry, most mobile locksmith’s can, with the right information, reprogram your transponder key for less money than your dealer would charge.

Rocket Locksmith is a locally owned and operated mobile locksmith business. Our local locksmiths are honest, hardworking and, like our name implies, rocket-fast. We want you to be satisfied with the service we provide.

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