Usually, a remote keyless entry system consists of a remote which can lock, unlock, or perform other functions within the car when activated within a specific range. The keyless entry system basically consists of a short-range radio transmitter that transfers radio signals specifically to a receiver unit inside the car. This then triggers the implementation of the functions mentioned above, which includes lock, unlock, and other functions within the car.

Unless you’ve been living in a thick forest over the years, no doubt you would have seen people exiting their cars while holding the remote button. This makes their car produce some distinctive chirping sound and sometimes flashes the light.

Similarly, car owners also do the same thing when entering their car. Whenever the button on the remote is pressed, you’ll hear a chirping sound and a flash of light. Voila! The vehicle is unlocked instantly.

Yes, you have heard about it. You have even seen such remote before, but you’ve been thinking about how it works. How can a remote communicate to the car to make it lock or unlock the doors from a specific range of distance? Are you curious about that? Let’s take a look at how keyless lock entry works:


How Does a Remote Keyless Lock Entry System Works?

With the help of radio waves, a remote keyless lock entry works effortlessly. A radio wave is usually a type of electromagnetic waves. A typical example of this is the remote of regular television.

In the case of a regular TV remote, all you need to do is to press a few buttons, and it communicates to the TV to power up or down, or even change channels, increase or decrease volumes and so forth. Similarly, a car remote also helps you lock or unlock your car, starts its ignition, and do some other fancy things upon the touch of specific buttons.


The Keyless Remote is actually a Radio

The keyless lock system usually consists of a short-range radio transmitter. Whenever the remote is within a specific short-range, and the button is pressed, the receiver unit which is always installed in your car receives a coded signal usually in the form of radio waves. The receiver unit then proceeds further to decode and translate the received signal. This consequently locks, unlocks, or perform other functions that concern the car.

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