The Covid-19 outbreak has left all businesses around the whole world, counting their costs. It has dramatically affected our lifestyles. The normal working hours and the life patterns have now completely changed and transformed. What’s more arduous is to visualize the journey of revival and survival of the jobs in the unorganized sector during the corona pandemic. Even though the governments are putting in a tremendous amount of effort in formulating strategies, to minimize the losses for the businesses, it still seems a far fledged dream. 


In spite of such difficult times, some workers like the locksmiths are still continuing their services in the market. In accordance with all the government guidelines and regulations, locksmiths are currently working on ‘essential needs only’ basis. While a few of them are opening up their trade counters for only a few hours, others have closed them indefinitely. One of the major issues that the locksmiths are today facing is, that of man-power. Because of the pandemic, not a lot of people are willing to go outside to work for the clients. Apart from this, because of such a vast outbreak, a lot of workers are in self-isolation.   


Since it is difficult to cater to all the customers, only the account customers or the contract-based parties are being entertained along with the basic lock-out or break in emergencies, which might be causing access or security issues. Apart from these all repair requests have currently being held off.  


While these essential services are important and hence cannot be discontinued, it’s equally necessary to ensure safety, along with social distancing norms. All these locksmiths are only allowing one customer to enter the premises at a time. Even while working on personal properties, the customer is asked to maintain distance from the workers. All the staff is very well equipped with safety gear. This will include, sanitizers, face masks, rubber gloves, alcohol spray, and disposable shoe Protectors. Upon entering the site, the job is assessed and suitable gear is worn.


When it comes to billing, a level of minimum exchange is being tried to be maintained, between the customer and the locksmiths. For this, all payments are being accepted only via online modes. The bills are also being shared via emails or other electronic means. 


As a customer also, it is pertinent to understand these concerns and only then raise requests for services. One thing, that we can learn from the trends of this pandemic is that the only immunity against this deadly virus is, social distancing. And this defense is practically only in our hands. So, let’s help each other out in these difficult times and hope for the best.


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