Are you replacing a commercial door lock and don’t have any idea where to begin? At Rocket Locksmith, we see this kind of thing every day and want to help. As professional locksmith’s, we have put together some step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process.

Installing Your Commercial Door Lock

Protecting your investments and property is vital for any business. Here are step-by-step instructions for installing your commercial grade door lock.

  • Open box and lay out new lockset on a flat surface in the order you unassemble it (they usually come assembled)
  • Uninstall the old latch
  • Remove old and replace it with the new latchbolt
  • Install the new cylindrical housing where you removed the old one, inside the hole in the door
  • Put the outer rose insert over the support plate
  • Put the inner support plate over the lever sleeve. Screw into place
  • Fasten the inner rose insert to the inside support plate. Use two of the shorter screws for this step
  • Slide the inner lever over the lever sleeve. Click this into place
  • Install the outer lever with the key cylinder over the sleeve lever. Click this into place

With our easy how-to guide, anyone can install a commercial door lock. At Rocket Locksmith, we strive to have personal and friendly relationships with our clients and community. With years of experience, our local locksmith’s put your safety and property as their number one priority.

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